Thursday, June 02, 2005

New motto

Majikthise points to the LA Times's editor's address The Wolf in Reporter's Clothing: The Rise of Pseudo-Journalism in America:
Indeed it is the Constitutional right of every citizen, no matter how ignorant or how depraved, to be a journalist.
Damn straight.

Of course, there are some reporters who are not ignorant or depraved. My dad, while he was in "the business" was one, John Schwartz, who wrote the article that revealed the Discovery Institute's devious plans, is another.

And I think Tommy Nguyen of the Washington Post did a pretty good job, too, explaining what the Smithsonian is doing to protect its good name.

He quotes a museum statement explaining that "We have determined that the content of the film is not consistent with the mission of the Smithsonian Institution's scientific research," and notes that

Opponents say [the film and book] and other arguments for intelligent design are creationism in disguise.

Plus he quotes the Amazing Randi, which is never a bad thing to do.

Speaking of "ignorant" and "depraved" people claiming to be journalists, Post-Darwinist is the bulldog for IDC. What can be said of a journalist trying to defend the Discovery Institute's lies and nonsense.