Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nice times

I wish I had been at the Board meeting as Board Members Hurl Personal Attacks In Evolution Debate:
Board member Bill Wagnon, of Topeka, told the three conservatives they had become "dupes" of intelligent design advocates and said their proposal was based "on absolute and total fraud."

Board member Sue Gamble, of Shawnee, said while board members should review proposed standards, they shouldn't write their own language, as the three conservatives did. She said the writing should be left to scientists and science teachers.

Board Chairman Steve Abrams, one of the three conservatives who drafted the latest proposal, said he had studied "a huge amount" of science, including in postgraduate classes. He is an Arkansas City veterinarian.

But Gamble replied: "I question your qualifications."

…[Connie] Morris chastised the board's four moderates for not attending the public hearings in May.

"Had you attended, you would have been informed," Morris said. "You would be sitting here as informed individuals and not arrogantly calling us dupes."

"If we're going to ask the citizens of the state not to attack us, we have to be professional and not attack each other," said board member Janet Waugh, of Kansas City.

The board didn't make a decision Wednesday about the standards, but it told a committee of educators to review the proposal. Abrams said he also intended to have a second, external review it in July. That suggests the board won't vote until at least August.

The chairman of the educators' panel, Steve Case, said he's not sure what board members expect from his group. A majority of the educators supported evolution-friendly language.
It sounds like expertise from science teachers isn't what they need just now. What they need is a skilled kindergarten teacher to keep them playing nicely together.

Of course, as long as they can't get past petty infighting, the longer we're safe from the effects of the majority's incompetence.