Monday, June 13, 2005


In between picking a fight with Billy Dembski (I'm told that's what his friends call him. Am I being presumptuous?), I came across this lovely critique of the fashion sense of the Westboro Baptist Church, owners of

i'm a closeted lesbian whose having issues coming to terms ith her sexuality. so is my grandson.
Grandma's rolled up pants aren't doing her any favors. It'd be one thing if her shins were worth showing, but they aren't. I typically try to avoid making sweeping generalizations, but Westboro Baptist Church members have by far the most unattractive shins of any hate group in the country. As for the grandson, his hooded sweatshirt is trendy enough, but one wonders why he's wearing velcro-laced sneakers. He appears to be old enough to know how to tie his shoes. Perhaps he's "special."
Grandma: C
Grandson: B-
There's more, and it's hilarious.

Update: I'm a moron. I've added a link to the site I'm pimping. Go crazy.