Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rumors abound

A source has a source that Dr. Sharol Little has accepted a job offer in Colorado and bought a house there. This would preclude her from being the Commissioner of Education, if true. I don't know that it is true, or that I find it altogether credible. I will try to shorten the chain of evidence before I vouch for this.

I repeat, this is a rumor.

On a more sound note, I have had some very productive conversations with several sources close to the process of replacing Andy Tompkins, and have learned some interesting facts.

One source suggested that 6 votes existed for Dr. Little, but that one or more of them disappeared, possibly fearing retaliation at the ballot box. Another source preferred not to discuss the disposition of votes, but did not deny that. No voting could take place in a closed session, so all we can be certain of is that there was no strong consensus behind any candidate in yesterday's meeting. As of now, the process is stalled.

A source also tells me that the Kansas Republican Assembly (previously discussed in RSR's investigation of Board member campaign finances) very much wants to put their brand of religious authoritarian in as the next Commissioner of Education. The source could not say whether Dr. Little was chosen by the KRA, but did feel that she would fit the KRA's needs nicely.

I apologize for relying on anonymous sources for this report. I have great confidence in my sources, but the situation around this process is fraught with fault-lines. These sources cannot reveal their identities because doing so would compromise their ability to work with various players in this situation.

I hope to have some statements on the record from other people in days to come.