Monday, June 27, 2005


I know I endorsed Saddam Hussein as the new rhetorical Hitler/Stalin, but I think it's a bit extreme when House Speaker Doug Mays Compares KS Supreme Court to Saddam Hussein:
Topeka, KS – In an outrageous move, House Speaker Doug Mays on Saturday compared the Kansas Supreme Court to deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and his brutal regime.

In a speech to the Kansas House, Mays said the Legislature was being made a “puppet” and said the situation was similar to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq:

"In Iraq, they had a Parliament and anyone that didn’t vote the way they were told by one branch of the government, that being the administration there, was taken out and tortured and shot and in some way killed. That’s not a democracy. That’s not going to happen here. But there is a real principle at stake here.”
When the Supreme Court orders someone to be shot, that'll be pretty bad. But this is just a debate over whether the Legislature will live up to its constitutional obligations and spend the money that their own study told them it would cost to have a "satisfactory education."

Whatever genital electrocution goes on in Topeka is strictly voluntary.