Thursday, June 23, 2005

So confusing

John West is outraged! A legislator in Utah talks about teaching "design," but actually wants to teach creationism. Why, oh why? are they Hijacking Intelligent Design in Utah:
If this legislator wants to promote creationism, he should say so plainly. But by invoking the term design, he wrongly conflates creationism with intelligent design. (No, ID and creationism are not the same. For some of the reasons why, read here.) I'd like to give a clear message to those who are trying to hijaack the term design in order to promote something else: Stop! That is essentially what I told the Tribune reporter.
They all want to promote creationism. No one can tell the difference. How could that be? Design just claims that some unnamed thing createddesigned the universe. Creationism is about how God designedcreated the universe.

Totally different. Undoubtedly that's why so many of the "experts" brought to Kansas by the Intelligent Design Network weren't sure if the earth was 6,000 or 4.5 billion years old. No attempt to promote creationism there.

For more on why ID and creationism are the same thing, read here.