Saturday, June 18, 2005


Billy Dembski admits that ID is the same as creationism:
I updated the cartoon slightly by substituting the phrase “intelligent design” for “creation.”

For what it's worth. He's talking about an old cartoon that he posted which showed two little schoolgirls, one praising the decision to teach "intelligent design" (originally creationism), because she "never believed in the literal interpretation of Darwin."

I don't know anyone else who believes in interpreting Darwin literally. He published 6 editions of the Origin in his lifetime, and was working on the "Big Species Book" until he died. Even he didn't believe in interpreting every word as the exact truth.

Surely, Dembski knows that science operates by constantly revising the collective understanding. Surely he doesn't think that anyone is teaching a presuppositional apologetic, literalist interpretation of any science text.

The only reason to post that cartoon is to claim that IDC is a form of literal Biblical interpretation.