Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vey is Mir

Red State Rabble has an eyewitness report: Kansas Board Sub-committee Votes to Change Definition of Science:
A Kansas Board of Education sub-committee, composed of Steve Abrams, Kathy Martin, and Connie Morris, meeting in Topeka tonight, voted 3-0 to change the definition of science proposed by the majority of the science curriculum writing committee. Red State Rabble was there and offers this eyewitness report.

Abrams, Martin, and Morris also voted to approve dozens of changes intended to weaken the teaching of evolution and to take the antiscience criticisms of the religious right into science classrooms around the state. They plan to present the revised standards at the next full board meeting scheduled for June 14-15.

As part of the revisions, the three conservative board members adopted a page-long addition to the standards, written by Abrams, that replaces the curriculum committee's definition of science completely with a new section titled "Rationale of the State Board for Adopting these Science Curriculum Standards."

Each of the changes in the curriculum is designed to raise questions about the theory of evolution in student's minds, but that was not enough for board member Connie Morris who argued for the addition of many more specific criticisms.

"I've been holding my reins back so much in all this," said Morris in urging more criticism of evolution be added to the standards. "To have [the criticisms] be condensed down to this is disheartening."

More to come. Not only are they endorsing (much of?) the rejected proposal, but they felt obliged to tack extra silliness on.

Read RSR for the brutal details.