Thursday, July 28, 2005

Elect an Iraq War Vet

Paul Hackett is running for Congess in a special election for a vacant seat in Ohio. His opponent is trying to minimize the importance of his service in Iraq. Anyone who watches the news with half an eye knows that convoys like the ones Hackett ran are major targets of IEDs and ambushes. It's dangerous work, and necessary to keep soldiers working and construction projects on schedule.

On the issues, he's a good guy. When a veteran tells you Iraq was "a misuse of our military that damaged our credibility throughout the world and squandered our political capital," it's worth listening. It doesn't hurt that the next sentence is: "Still, I volunteered to serve, and I have no regrets."

He's a guy who puts his money where his mouth is. His page on the environment explains how he replaced his light bulbs with compact fluorescents (as did I, and so should you), how he drives a hybrid, and how American ingenuity should be focussed on real solutions to our energy problems. Plus, "A few months back, when the gas topped out at $2.40 or $2.50, I didn’t pay that price. I was in Iraq. I saw how high the price really was."

His positions on health care and Social Security are reasonable, and here's what he says about guns:

I grew up with guns. I’ve been a hunter since I was kid.

I understand that guns in the wrong hands are deadly. They must be kept out of the hands of criminals. And we must demand that law-abiding citizens who do own guns, like me, use them safely, responsibly and in compliance with the law.

I have safety locks on my firearms. At home, they’re locked in a safe. When I go hunting outside of Ohio, I make sure I comply with the local gun laws.

All my friends who share my interest in hunting share my sense of responsibility toward the safe use and storage of their firearms.
The election is on August 2, so any money you can spare will really help for the final push.