Friday, July 15, 2005

Growing up

The occasional hassles from Blogger and Haloscan are a persistent annoyance, and I'm wondering if I haven't outgrown these free services.

For a little over $150/year, I could get my own domain and some server space (I've got my eye on a solar powered hosting service). Then I could quit complaining about the flavors of free ice cream available from Blogger and Haloscan, and start bitching about the stuff I pay for.

What I'd like to do with that money is build a real community site, on the model of DailyKos or The idea would be to let discussions flow with contributors from around the state. As it stands, local issues don't get covered in the media I read, even though I try to be aware of events from around Kansas. Even the coverage of statewide politics is often less detailed than it could be.

As a community site, people could create their own media, selecting the other writers with similar concerns, and help solve problems they didn't even know existed. That's the dream, at least. If nothing else, it would be a lot of fun.

If you want to help a poor, penniless grad student provide this service, drop a few dimes on the Hand to your right, or just click here: