Saturday, July 23, 2005

iTunes Random Ten

Many moons ago, Ms. TfK worked in Washington, DC. One weekend, we took a little tour through the Lincoln Memorial. Ah, it was a beautiful, romantic spring day. As we were walking down those great marble stairs, with Lincoln watching our backs, a big batch of people were making their way up. We stopped, looked out at the world, and shared a smooch.

Some jackass in the pile of people made a snide comment that I no longer remember. A useful skill in urban environments is the ability to pretend people around you don't exist. So we moved on. Ms. TfK overheard someone else mention that Pauly Shore was at the core of that crowd. That's right, Pauly Shore, the frequently unfunny comic mocked our PDA.

Here then, is your random ten.

Cannonball Days” by Ryan Adams from the album Gold (Bonus Disc) (2001, 3:25).
Graduation Day” by The Beach Boys from the album Summer Days (And Summer Nights) (1965, 2:21).
Engine 143” by The Carter Family from the album The Carter Family On Border Radio - 1939, Vol. 1 (1939, 3:19).
Buffalo Gals” by Woody Guthrie from the album Hard Travellin' (2:34).
Art of Storytellin” by Outkast from the album The Best Of Outkast (2002, 3:42).
Spaceman” by Phil Ochs from the album The Broadside Tapes 1 (2:12).
Discovery of India” by Ravi Shankar from the album Gandhi Soundtrack (2:44).
One Tree Hill” by U2 from the album The Joshua Tree (5:23).
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Johnny Cash from the album American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002, 3:03).
Dancing Nancies” by Dave Matthews Band from the album Under the Table and Dreaming (1994, 6:05).