Saturday, July 02, 2005

No endorsement for Abrams

Editorial - Abrams and progress:
Arkansas City veterinarian Steve Abrams is dedicated to the job of chairing the State Board of Education.

He deserves credit for this.

It is disturbing, however, that Steve says poll results showing public doubts about evolution “substantiate what we are trying to do.”

This affirms Steve’s agenda is one of attacking the teaching of Darwinian evolution by political, public-relations means.

Give the guy credit.

He and his allies are succeeding.

Their recent hearings drew international attention for the testimony of anti-evolution advocates from across the country.

Science, of course, is not done in the public arena.

It goes on in laboratories, in the field and in peer responses to discoveries.

Explaining new information, not persuading the public, is the bread and butter of science.

Steve Abrams has a right to believe the Bible best explains the origins of human life. So does anyone else.

But when that belief drives decisions about public education, Kansas falls behind.

Until Steve Abrams and his like sit down, this state is going to be driven into a backwater of the bioscience industry that is bringing jobs and growth to other parts of the nation. This can be said with regard to other industries as well.