Thursday, July 14, 2005

Noted in passing

Bush Betrays Gun Owners:
Of all the things to bring down Bush it may be a memo after all, just not the Downing Street one. The federal agency that deals with firearms, ATF, issued a memo the other day banning many types of gun barrels from importation because they are for military rifles not hunting guns. However, the largest and most vocal gun owners outside of the NRA are people like myself who like military rifles whether antique or modern and ATF just told us "no more". This may seem like minutia to most of you, but to gun owners, this is being taken as a real betrayal and they are pissed.
Does anyone know anything more about this? I feel dumb asking this, but what makes a military barrel better/worse than a hunting barrel? If a gang member or terrorist puts a military barrel on a hunting rifle, is it more dangerous? Do hunters yearn for the superior military barrels?

Or is the idea to prevent someone from importing machine guns piece by piece?

One Piece At A Time” by Johnny Cash from the album 16 Biggest Hits: Johnny Cash (1958, 4:02).