Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Wichita Eagle | 07/12/2005 | State board tweaks science standards draft:
The State Board of Education approved several changes Tuesday -- most of them minor -- to proposed science teaching standards.

The board's 6-4 ideological split was apparent in the discussion and procedural votes on the standards, but the exchange between board members was more civil than last month.

Board members John Bacon of Olathe, Connie Morris of St. Francis and Kathy Martin of Clay Center all proposed changes that were incorporated into the latest draft of the standards, which is already critical of evolution.

All three of those board members are part of the controlling block of six conservative board members.

Mostly the changes adopted Tuesday will make the standards better match the language original proposed by a minority group within the standard-writing committee. Board members said they wanted that so the standards could be defended better.

Morris did not propose the long list of additional criticisms of evolution that she promised last month. Instead, she offered what were mostly semantic changes.