Sunday, July 17, 2005

Quick movie reviews

Willie Wonka: Tim Burton is a freakish genius. If you like him, you'll like this. If you liked the original movie, you'll like this. If you're obsessive about the original movie, you might find this too different. But it's fun, it's visually interesting, and has the right balance between sweetness and strangeness. Ms. TfK didn't like it quite as much when we discussed it afterward, but seemed to have fun while she was watching it.

Wedding Crashers: Very funny. I was extremely skeptical of this, since I don't tend to like Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson, and romantic comedies tend to be unimaginative, and only nominally comedic. This movie was absolutely hilarious. It's a creative take on a genre that is rarely truly creative. Vince Vaughn, who tends to overplay his roles, finds a happy medium. The characters develop, and the plot dumps the idiotic tropes that tend to undermine romantic comedies. It's a good date movie. Ms. TfK loved it.