Monday, July 25, 2005

Shuttle launch viewing tomorrow morning

Shuttle Launch at Exploration Place Tuesday 7/26 9am:
On Tuesday, July 26, join us in the CyberDome Theater (admission will be free to all) at 9am, as we present our current astronomy extravaganza “Stars Over Kansas.” Launch time is scheduled for 9:39 am CDT. In addition to a whirlwind tour of the Universe, star identification, and Deep Impact and Enceladus flyby images and movies, a special presentation about Return to Flight will be given by Exploration Place Theater Director and Astronomy Magazine Contributing Editor Martin Ratcliffe. You’ll learn exactly what NASA has been up to for the past 2 years revamping the Space Shuttle, and more about the current mission to the International Space Station. Just minutes later, see the Space Shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center live as you’ve never seen it before - 3 stories high, and blasting with 15,000 watts of sound!

The event is subject to any delay or cancellation of the launch, of course. Watch this website for any information regarding changes in NASA’s plans.
This sounds like a good way to spend my birthday. NASA should launch more shuttles on weekends. If Wichita were closer to Lawrence, I'd be there, and if I thought NASA actually fixed their broken sensors, I'd be there. But a 5 hour drive for a coin-flip of a launch can't outweigh the amount of work I have to get done.

Anyone closer to Wichita should totally go, and say "Hi" to Davin Flateau, aka Avian. Good luck.

If you haven't bought me my present yet, hit the wishlist, or Google through TfK's archives for some of the t-shirts I've admired over the year.