Thursday, July 14, 2005

Steve Huebert, Prick

Legislator questions adoption by gays |
A Wichita-area legislator wants a study done to see if Kansas should change its policy allowing gay people to adopt foster children.

“This is an issue that needs to be examined — things need to be spelled out better than they are,” said Rep. Steve Huebert, a conservative Republican from Valley Center.

Huebert said he requested the study on behalf of a constituent who was concerned that a lesbian couple might be allowed to adopt her granddaughter, who was in foster care.

“My constituent had some issues with that,” Huebert said.

Under Kansas law, homosexual adults are neither restricted nor prohibited from adopting children.
I have some issues with keeping kids in foster care because there aren't enough adoptive families available. And I have some issues with turning away qualified households just because both adults are of the same gender.

What's wrong with this:

Sandra Dixon, vice president of child welfare services at Kansas Children’s Service League, said homosexuals interested in adopting were subject to the same criteria and scrutiny as heterosexuals.

“Decisions are based on an individual’s or a couple’s strengths and the capacity to parent children in need of an adoptive home,” Dixon said. “We don’t have anything that says a particular demographic group — except those who’ve been convicted of crimes — cannot adopt.”
Get in touch with Mr. Huebert and ask him to get his head out of his ass. He also sits on the Education Committee and the Education Budget Committee, voted against funding the schools, and voted to strip the people of any legal means of enforcing the constitutional guarantee of school funding.

I'm thinking he's just thinking about moving up to the state Senate, or maybe even taking over Moran's seat if he runs for Governor. Let him know that this isn't the way to make a name. Cheap bigotry isn't a value we need in Kansas, and most Kansans are good, respectful, and even loving people. Huebert goes in the "other" column.