Monday, July 11, 2005

Stories I haven't mentioned

The Discovery Institute cowrote a Catholic bishop's Op-Ed about evolution.

Karl Rove exposed the identity of a secret agent who was working on WMD and he and the White House have been covering it up for years.

And if you start blogging, do it anonymously (Atrios says it, and he knows). My cat is out of the bag, so I can expect stupid people to be dubious of hiring me. As Kevin says, we don't know whether the candidates' blogs actually demonstrated whether, for instance, the one guy was going to defect to computer science, or if he might have been a useful resource in using IT in the classroom.

Just because someone doesn't blog about it, doesn't mean they aren't doing it or don't enjoy it. A blog post comes together in five minutes when you need a mental break or when a program is compiling or an analysis is running. Don't make hiring decisions based on how someone spends their leisure time or their down time. That'll guarantee you boring people.