Friday, July 29, 2005

Support our troops

Soldier facing foreclosure:
Harrisonville, MO-- A Harrisonville man home from Afghanistan says he's about to lose his home and says it has everything to do with serving overseas. Navy Reservist Kevin Beougher spent nine months in Afghanistan last year. His combat pay was about one-third of what he was making in civilian life. The bills piled up at home and now his home may be sacrificed because of Beougher's sacrifice. The bank has sent him a foreclosure letter. Beougher and his wife have seven kids and 60 days to leave their home. They've written every agency and politician they can think of for help, including President George Bush. But no help is on the way, even though their oldest son is in the Army fighting in Iraq.
Thanks to Tony's KC for the heads-up.

There's a lot to be said for dropping a couple bucks on this guy and his 7 kids. There's even more to be said for raising combat pay and doing more to bridge the gap between military pay and a person's civilian pay. As our military relies more and more heavily on the reserves, this problem will be even more common. The dude is ready to ship back out to Iraq or Afghanistan if called, but he may not have a house to come home to.

This is a problem that needs a general solution, not lots of little fixes. I'm guessing that every soldier coming back knows someone with hardships in their civilian lives, but there's a mindset in the media and in DC that these are "weekend warriors."

Of the 1985 fatalities in the database, 70 are from the Army Reserve, 1 from the Air National Guard, 238 from the Army National Guard, 1 from the Marine Individual Ready Reserve, 58 from the Marine Reserve, 9 from the Naval Reserve, a grand total of 377, or about 20% of the total fatalities from all countries, 21% of the American fatalities.

Some weekend.