Saturday, July 09, 2005

Values Matter

Care of the Heartland Democrats, What's the Deal with those Kansas Republican Leaders on Education?:
The end result is that the Right let its hatred of a judiciary that dared to interpret Kansas law get in the way of providing funding they should have given to begin with anyway. That seems a bit extremist.

Kansas Democrats, on the other hand, value our founders' belief in an independent judiciary and our broader system of separation of powers, and we also believe in investing in kids.

This, of course, leads to the second and more concrete value at play: Opportunty. Democrats believe in opportunity creation for all our citizens who will work hard for it, not just for moral reasons, but because it's impractical to waste all that future economic potential. So we support higher funding for education, even if it means wealthy folks pay their fair share in taxes. Republicans, on the other hand, would apparently rather score cheap political points than provide real opportunity for kids who go to underfunded schools.
I think there's more at play here, but I think they get the second point dead on. Education is an investment in opportunity.