Monday, August 29, 2005


I want to encourage people to use newsreaders. They're great software and will save you beaucoup time and effort. I like NetNewsWire, but services like Bloglines are also nice. Safari has a built in reader, and there are RSS readers that can integrate with Firefox as well. What happens is, my blog has a file hidden away that the software accesses and checks to see if anything has changed. If so, it makes it available to you. Otherwise, nothing happens. I have buttloads of blogs in NetNewsWire, but I can pick and choose what to read, and most don't update that often. Rather than trying to remember what I like to read and clicking around, I let the software do the work for me.

This is all by way of saying that I'm going to switch from the default Blogger Atom feed to the feedburner feeds. People who aren't using a newsreader don't care, people who are should probably switch, but the atom feed will persist, I guess.

I'd like people to switch to the new feed for two reasons:

  1. Feedburner will give me stats on how many people are reading via the RSS feed, rather than clicking directly on the page, and will give me better stats over all. Blogger gives no stats at all.
  2. Feedburner will let me put ads into my feed. Blogger won't.
I know that ads are a pain, and I'll only activate them for longer posts. If people don't like it, I'll totally remove the ads.

Just so people know, I don't pick the ads in the Google ad blocks. I know there are weird things that sometimes show up in the blocks, and I try to remove the really boneheaded stuff.

I do pick the Amazon books being linked here. With those, I only get money if you buy something after clicking the link.

There are many excellent plugins for web browsers that can make these ads go away completely, and I won't feel bad if you take advantage of those. I use adblock for Firefox.

And if you're buying from anyway, why not start your search with the searchbox in the sidebar?