Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Connie Morris reimburses state

Morris reimburses state for conference expenses | LJWorld.com:
State Board of Education member Connie Morris today said she has reimbursed the state $2,890 for expenses she had previously billed taxpayers for a conference she attended in Florida.

But Morris, who had charged the state for six nights in a $339-per-night hotel in Miami to attend the conference in April on magnet schools, was unapologetic.

She said in a prepared statement: “No amount of media bullying can take from the good people I serve the vision and knowledge I gained at the conference.
This isn't even a "non-apology apology." She messed up, got busted, and had to pay back the state.

The conference was on magnet schools. We can all await those magnet schools she'll be setting up in low population density western Kansas. It'll take a lot of vision and knowledge to make that practical, so we'll just see if we got what we paid for.

Now let's see if she'll reimburse the state for her bogus "newsletter."