Friday, August 12, 2005

Enemies from within

Anti-abortion leader berates Shallenburger’s inclusiveness |
“Our enemies are no longer the Democrats, they are the RINOs — Republicans In Name Only — who side with the Democrats,” said Mark Gietzen, former Sedgwick County GOP chairman, now director of the anti-abortion group Kansas Coalition for Life.

Gietzen has been hurling brickbats at former conservative darling Tim Shallenburger, the party’s unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate in 2002 and now the state GOP chairman. Before running for governor, Shallenburger was state treasurer and speaker of the Kansas House.

But now, Gietzen claims, Shallenburger’s gone soft on abortion.

“He’s made a point of welcoming pro-aborts into the Republican tent. He wants to make them an integral part of the party,” Gietzen said. “So at a time when other state parties are becoming more and more pro-life, we’re moving to the middle. This is stupid, it’s ‘Bleeding Kansas’ all over again.”
Go and let slip the dogs of war. What's all this talk of party unity? Clearly, the only way to unify the Republican party is to purge anyone who thinks differently.

What will happen to the remainder? Vote for Democrats, I guess.

The Insurance Commissioner is Sandy Praeger, who used to be the state senator for my district. She was replaced by Mark Buehler, a moderate Republican.

When he ran for election, he beat back a conservative challenge in the primary. Then, a Republican precinct committee member and founder of the Kansas Republican Assembly ran against him on the Reform ticket.

Rather than let a moderate Republican stay in office, the party chose to give that seat to the Democrats.

More like this, please.