Sunday, August 28, 2005

Excellent idea

Group seeks to stem tide of ‘extreme’ conservatism |
“We think there is a portion of the State Board of Education whose philosophy is not in tune with mainstream Kansans,” said Don Hineman, a rancher and farmer from Dighton.

Hineman is a lifelong Republican, longtime former commissioner in Lane County and a past president of the Kansas Livestock Assn.

He said he and other like-minded Republicans and Democrats were frustrated with the State Board of Education and planned to endorse moderate candidates, regardless of party affiliation.

The group, which as of yet is unnamed, will publicize its candidates’ campaigns and get people involved in the races, he said.
I hope they are out there recruiting good, qualified candidates.

There's a rumor circulating that we'll hear about another entry into the 5th District race soon. That's Connie Morris's seat.

If you readers hear other rumors of things like this, or candidates thinking about running, let me know.