Sunday, August 14, 2005

For shame

Sean at Cosmic Variance is Wagging fingers. It all began with Eugene Volokh taking on “Westerners who side with the Iraqi resistance,” but he notes (after some prodding),
Fortunately, the group being criticized is not a vast group. So? They’re still worth condemning.
Then Belle Waring at Crooked Timber "points the fingerbone of scorn at those inhumanly cruel Republicans who drink puppy blood for breakfast" but notes that there are quite few people actually in that category.

Then Professor Brad DeLong decided to "denounce adherents of the Republican Party who pretend to “adopt” kittens from animal shelters, and then kill them and dissect their little kittenish bodies with knives. I acknowledge that rather few Republicans are in this category, but I insist that these people are very bad."

Examples of this breed are easily found.
Sean wishes to
condemn Republicans who attempt to justify the capture and long-term detention of prisoners who are denied counsel and not charged with any crime, and then tortured, sometimes to death, in a misguided attempt to extract useful intelligence from them, even though they may be perfectly innocent. Likewise, Republicans who make fun of such practices by selling witty T-shirts. Oh, and those who advocate public torture of criminals in order to satsify the public’s bloodlust — wouldn’t want to forget them.
Of course, nobody would suggest that such people comprise a vast group. So? They are still worth condemning.
Let me join this chorus of consternation by condemning Republicans who would advocate sex ed classes which increase the rates of anal sex in teenagers (as well as disease transmission). They may be a small group, but that doesn't mean they are undeserving of criticism.