Saturday, August 13, 2005

Garden City editorial

Via Red State Rabble, an early endorsement against Connie Morris, criticizing her gang for Attacking evolution:
Evolution rightly was restored after a new board was seated in 2000. But now, with a 6-4 conservative edge, the current board looks to again de-emphasize evolution.

They're intent on promoting intelligent design, which is an idea worthy of wonder and discussion. But it's not science and doesn't belong in a science classroom.

Students need an undistorted science background that includes evolution, the cornerstone of modern biology.

As they did in 1999, many Kansas teachers have dismissed this latest effort to downplay evolution and vow to continue teaching it as they have in the past.

Still, Kansans should know that the BOE's final approval of the revised standards - expected this fall - would be damaging beyond the classroom.

Businesses seeking new locations look closely at educational systems, and no doubt question states that tinker with science standards.

At a time when the state should be committed to the growth of scientific knowledge, such moves by board conservatives only cast doubt on their desire to see students receive the education needed to compete in today's world.

Kansans interested in growth - and weary of such debate - should unseat BOE member Connie Morris of St. Francis and her fellow conservatives who are determined to interfere with science teachings in Kansas schools.
If you haven't signed up to Recall Connie Morris, you should.