Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Giblets explains it

Overwhelming Scientific Proof:
Last week Giblets was reclining on the grassy banks of an elysian river when he made an alarming scientific discovery: clouds aren't shaped like clouds, they're shaped like stuff. Look! That one looks like a moose, that one's a monkey, and that one is exactly the spitting and glorious image of Giblets rendered in living cloudflesh! "I dunno," says Fafnir. "That cloud looks like a cloud." Amazing, what are the odds! Conventional meteorology is useless in the face of these amazing stuffological anomalies. The only explanation that makes ANY SENSE AT ALL is that these clouds were designed - INTELLIGENTLY designed - by some intelligent cloud-shaper in the sky!
This is what IDolators call "complex specified information."

Also, the Annals for Improbable Research discovered the origins of IDC in a government report:

Design engineers are becoming few in number and years worth of experience is about to be lost. What will happen when new weapons are designed or retrofits need to be made? Who will know the lessons learned in the past? What process will be followed? When and what software codes should be used? Intelligent design is the answer to the questions posed above for weapon design.
The report concludes:

The intelligent designer is still being developed.

Well, that's that, I guess.

(For the overly serious: Cosmological IDC or biological IDC assume a supernatural designer. That's why we can talk about intelligent design of human artifacts but, unless you pretend to fully understand a supernatural designer, we can't talk about the logical consequences of supernatural design.)

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