Friday, August 19, 2005

Good news

AP Wire | 08/17/2005 | Workers decide to keep union that represents them:
Aircraft workers voted Wednesday to keep their union, which agreed to benefit cuts after a Canadian company bought the Boeing Co.'s commercial airplane operations in Kansas and Oklahoma.

During polling Wednesday, 58 percent of employees who voted chose to recertify the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, with a final count of 829 to 602. The union narrowly survived a previous attempt to end its representation in February 2004.

"This is a solid win that allows us to put this issue to rest," said Bob Brewer, the Midwest director of the union. "Employees recognized the value union representation brings to the facility and to maintaining the quality jobs for our careers, family and the Wichita communities."

Only the union's technical workers at Spirit Aerosystems asked for the election, which did not affect SPEEA's engineering unit at the plant. SPEEA represents 4,660 employees in Wichita at Spirit and at Boeing's remaining military operations in Wichita.
Thanks to Nathan Newman for the alert. Kansas is an open-shop state, so organizing a union is a challenge. It's good to see that they're popular even among professional workers.