Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Intelligent Falling

The reDiscovery Institute has an important attack on the Newtonist lies:

The Universal Theory of Gravity is often taught in schools as a "fact," when in fact it is not even a good theory.

First of all, no one has measured gravity for every atom and every star. It is simply a religious belief that it is "universal." Secondly, school textbooks routinely make false statements. For example, "the moon goes around the earth." If the theory of gravity were true, it would show that the sun's gravitational force on the moon is much stronger than the earth's gravitational force on the moon, so the moon has to go around the sun. Anybody can look up at night and see the obvious gaps in gravity theory.

The existence of tides is often taken as proof of gravity, but this is logically flawed. Because if the moon's "gravity" were responsible for a bulge underneath it, then how can anyone explain a high tide on the opposite side of the earth at the same time? Anyone can observe that there are two high tides every day--not just one. It is far more likely that tides were given to us by an Intelligent Creator long ago and they have been with us ever since. In any case, two high tides falsifies gravity.
And Chris Mooney joins in, showing that I can claim priority for "Intelligent Falling" and bringing Grinding Metal's important contribution to the demarkation problem at hand:

Now I am sure that there is some jerk out there who will want to counter with something along the lines of:

This is preposterous! You couldn't put a man on the moon using a "God puts things where he wants them" in place of the theory of gravity!

But that my friends is what we in the blogging biz call a "straw man". Putting a man on the moon is "rocket science" and we are not talking about "rocket science" here. We are talking about high school physics and there are no rockets in high school physics; just ball bearings, ramps, pulleys, and the occasional mouse-trap strapped to a skateboard.
And to think that it all started right here, last April.

Lest we forget:

There's a lot of little "if"s in Newtonism, and a lot of debate about "gravity." I think those little "if"s add up to one big IF: Intelligent Falling.

IF holds that the motion of the planets and stars around the earth is too complex to be explained through natural processes alone. There must be a Pusher. If a person is just walking along and suddenly falls down, you expect that happened because he was pushed.

I believe that angels push the planets around, and control the falling of objects toward one another. If this is true, there's no reason to teach our children the unBiblical falsehood that the earth moves around the sun. If the Pusher wanted the sun to move, there's no reason that it couldn't.

Newtonism is in crisis, and our children should be taught the controversy. If Newtonists can't explain what gravity is, why not accept their "saint"'s recantation above and acknowledge that Intelligent Falling is the only credible explanation for the universe.