Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pat Roberts

How Senator Pat Roberts rushed us to war, despite the evidence:
But what was said to be an effort to protect the United States became a tool by which the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Pat Roberts (R-KS) ensured there was no serious investigation into how the administration fixed the intelligence that took the United States to war in Iraq or the fabricated documents used as evidence to do so.

Coupled with limited access to intelligence documents, RAW STORY has found that Roberts and a handful of other strategically-placed Washington players stymied all questions into pre-war intelligence on Iraq and post-invasion cover-ups, including the outing of a CIA covert agent, by using targeted leaks and artfully deflecting blame from the White House.
It's not that well written, but it pulls together the history of how our Senator used his access to classified material to obfuscate the origins of the lies that took us to Iraq.

In other news, Bush acknowledges Cindy Sheehan, but refuses to meet her.