Sunday, August 14, 2005

Recall Connie Morris

Effort under way to get Morris off education board |
Connie Morris is under fire.

There is a recall effort under way in her sprawling district, which covers 40 percent of the state.

There are mounting questions about her infamous trip to Miami.

And her conduct on the board prompted an internal review about how board members should treat each other.

“She is doing things that don’t represent the feelings of this district,” state Rep. Jim Morrison, R-Colby, said.

Her divisive comments and willingness to blame others are wearing thin, he and other critics say.

“Connie is an example of what is dividing and splitting our communities,” said Terry Woodbury, a consultant and ranch manager who lives in both Leoti and Kansas City, Kan.
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Does anyone know the origin of the phrase "Constitutional Conservative"? Morris refers to herself as a constitutional conservative, and it's not a phrase that seems to be in common use. Google gives some hits, but no clarity.

At first I thought it was connected to the Constitution Party, a group which believes in imposing Biblical law. Google doesn't bear that out nor does it allow me to reject the idea.