Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Republican War on Science

The American Prospect has an excerpt from Chris Mooney's book, The Republican War on Science. It's from the chapter on Intelligent Design Creationism and the growth of the Discovery Institute:
To be sure, the ID movement does not claim an animus against science. Science abusers never do. Rather, the movement seeks to redefine the very nature of science to serve its objectives.

But just like creation scientists of yore, ID hawkers have clear and ever-present religious motivations for denying and attacking evolution. And like creationists of yore, they have failed the only test that matters: They simply are not doing credible science. Instead, they are appropriating scientific-sounding arguments to advance a moral and political agenda, one they hope to force into the public-school system.
Good stuff, have a read, then pre-order the book.