Monday, August 22, 2005

Republicans don't understand security

That's a bit extreme, but I worry that the party in power and it's followers cannot retain certain key facts for more than a couple seconds.

Back in the campaign, Kris Kobach attacked Dennis Moore for voting in favor of the 9/11 commission's recommendation to make the intelligence budget public. Who ya gonna trust?

Now, people are attacking Jamie Gorelick, author of a policy which restricted the flow of intelligence gathered without a warrant to criminal investigators. There was a super-duper top secret operation in the DoD called Able Danger, and it may have identified Mohamed Atta as an al Qaeda agent, but they didn't tell anyone.

The waste of electrons that is the right wing of the blogosphere is claiming that this is Gorelick's fault.

In fact, a Republican 9/11 commissioner stated clearly that Gorelick's "guidelines had no effect on the Department of Defense and certainly did not prohibit it from communicating with the FBI, the CIA or anyone else."

So, confronted with simple facts, Republicans who should know better lie about issues that concern our nation's security. WTF?

The intelligence "wall" existed between the FBI and the criminal division at the DoJ. That's all it affected. It existed to ensure that inadmissible evidence didn't get incorporated into a criminal prosecution, causing terrorists or spies to go free. The 9/11 commission determined that it didn't cause 9/11 and it didn't prevent law enforcement from preventing it. Get over it.

What is it that makes people think Republicans are better on national security? There's no commitment to honesty or even awareness of the facts. The pattern of ignoring warnings throughout 2001, and the way Clinton's efforts against al Qaeda were undercut by a Republican congress, should weigh heavily on the consciences of George W. Bush and Kenneth Starr, to name two of the many people whose actions and inactions actually harmed America. The constant smears against minor figures in the bowels of a bureaucracy are ill-befitting a party that has been failed by its leaders.