Saturday, August 20, 2005

Roberts argued against his client's position

In favor of a national ID card:
When he worked in the Reagan White House in 1983, John Roberts made the case for a national ID card, saying in a memo that it would help address the “real threat to our social fabric posed by uncontrolled immigration.”

The personal views of Roberts, whom President Bush has nominated to the Supreme Court, continued to emerge Thursday as the National Archives released more than 38,000 pages from his work in the White House counsel's office from 1982 to 1986. Combined with another 13,000 pages released previously, the documents portray Roberts as a young aide who embraced Reagan's conservatism — but who occasionally argued against administration policy.

“I recognize that our office is on record in opposition to a secure national identifier, and I will be ever alert to defend that position,” Roberts wrote to White House counsel Fred Fielding on Oct. 21, 1983. “I should point out, however, that I personally do not agree with it. I yield to no one in the area of commitment to individual liberty against the spectre of overreaching central authority, but view such concerns as largely symbolic as far as a national ID card is concerned.”
Where are the "leave us alone" conservatives?

I don't like his personal views on the balance between personal liberty and government access to personal information, and I doubt many readers do either.

"Your papers, please."