Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thank God!

Trajan Sm Logo  T180
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First, KU decided that royal blue — and not navy blue — would be the official color to complement the crimson in the official school colors.

Then, the university announced it had selected the letters “K” and “U,” in the Trajan typeface, to be the official KU logo. That decision came after an online survey featuring five finalists.

“This (logo) was described consistently as traditional with a modern flair,” said David Johnston, the university’s director of marketing. “It’s a good mix of fun and formal.”

The idea, Johnston said, is to make the university’s image more consistent. Before, there were dozens of logos representing different academic units, athletics and other departments.

For example, KU researchers could be out in the state, and people might not realize they were from KU because of the logo used. Or viewers might not realize the KU football team was on TV because their home uniforms were navy blue instead of the royal blue used by the basketball team.

Now that the color and logo have been chosen, a KU team, with help from Oregon-based consultants LandreyMorrow, is working to create a set of guidelines for using the logo and other KU symbols, including the Jayhawk and the university
At long last we'll know when the football team is getting beaten. At long last, there will be clear rules on how to use our brand new logo.

When this was announced, the University explained that this would close our "logo gap," providing an informal logo that wasn't a cartoon of a fictional bird, but wasn't a big, busy Latinate logo.

The campaign hasn’t come without a price. LandreyMorrow will be paid $88,900 for its work with the logo, while consultant Christopher Simpson, a former Indiana University administrator, will be paid $159,000 for his work with the entire campaign.

But Hemenway said it would be worth it, if KU can get its story out throughout the state.

“This is a way for us to better articulate what it is we offer to the state of Kansas,” he said.
I'm worried that it articulates that Hemenway doesn't know the value of a dollar. This isn't worth a few hundred thou, and it isn't that nice. It doesn't make me think more of KU.

We have a design school here and a business school. I bet they could have gotten a design and a PR plan at no cost other than course credit.

At least the logo gap has been filled.