Wednesday, August 03, 2005

They get letters

General JC Christian, patriot, writes to the Texas school district preparing to teach an elective Bible class. It appears the curriculum uses the 1987 KJV.

Keeping heresy out of the schools:
No less than 14 of the books found in the original 1611 Edition are missing from the 1987 version. No matter how hard you look, you won't find the Prayer of Manasseh or the First and Second Book of Esdras, let alone, The Idol Bel and the Dragon . The introduction of such a bowlderized text to children is unforgivable. Souls are gitmo-ized in hell for sins much less grievous than that.

It's time we brought our Christian values back into the schoolhouse. Unfortunately, the NCBCPS curriculum does the opposite of that. It's much more dangerous than secularism; it's Episcopalian.
I just like saying "It's much more dangerous than secularism; it's Episcopalian."

There are so many places that phrase could be used. Gay marriage, evolution, really any form of anti-fundamentalism.