Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who knew?

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Usama Bin Ladin have a lot in common. Take the quiz and see if you can identify statements by each of these "leaders."
At least, according to the Falwell-Robertson-Bin Laden Quiz. Very informative. This is why I have trouble caring about Robertson's call for the head of Hugo Chavez. He's a loon, a radical cleric, but I'm not sure that he's a "meddlesome priest." I expect nothing less than intolerant rantings from him or his fans.

Perhaps that's a problem. He's very popular and people do take him seriously. Maybe some wacko in Florida is loading his boat up with ammo to go and "take him out." It's a shame that we haven't heard much outcry from the religious left, or from the neo-con advocates of democracy.

Say what you will, Chavez was elected by the people, a standard our president couldn't meet for his first four years in office. Religious authoritarians are rarely interested in democracy, of course.