Sunday, August 07, 2005

Will no one think of the children?

Via Pandagon we learn that the National Association for the Advancement of Preborn Children filed a lawsuit to halt research at the California stem cell institute:
The suit was filed on behalf of Mary Scott Doe, a fictitious embryo produced by in vitro fertilization and then frozen and put into storage. Some of these embryos, which people have decided not to use in attempts to have children, have been donated for use in stem cell research, which involves destroying them.

The lawsuit claims the embryo is a person who should be given equal protection under the Constitution, and her destruction violates her right to freedom from slavery.

In decisions that have upheld the right of women to receive abortions, the Supreme Court has ruled that a woman's right to control her body outweighs the early-stage fetus's rights.

In his appeal of the initial federal case, lawyer R. Martin Palmer argues that Roe v. Wade does not apply in this case because the embryo is in deep freeze and not a mother's womb.

Meanwhile, the lawsuits being handled in state court include arguments that Proposition 71 violated the state constitution because the $3 billion in taxpayer funds it allocates for stem cell research are not under the control of elected officials.
Shut down in vitro fertilization! You're killing the almost babies!

Here's how IVF works. A couple dozen eggs are extracted from a woman after she's been dosed with hormones to cause ovulation. The male donation is much easier.

The eggs and sperm are mixed, eggs fertilize. They divide once, then again, yielding a four-cell structure called a blastocyst. The very best 4-8 are chosen and Hoovered into the uterus. The rest either have died, or stay frozen until needed.

After a couple weeks, the doctor checks, and removes (aborts) all but one or two embryos. A woman can choose to leave them all, but usually this procedure, I believe it's called selective harvest, is done.

So, out of about 24 fertilized eggs, maybe one or two come to term.

Let's protect all these "preborn children" by banning all artificial means of reproduction. Only children produced the old fashioned way.