Thursday, September 08, 2005

Compare, contrast

Tsunami and hurricane:
Ten days after the New Orleans disaster, the US has accepted offers of foreign aid totalling $US1 billion, but most of the assistance is not getting through because of red tape. The total amount given by the US government in response to the tsunami was $950 million (at a comparable point in time after the tsunami, the figure was $350 million).
As a further comparison, here’s a report from December 31, 2004 of aid finally reaching a city in Aceh, close to the epicentre of the earthquake/tsunami that struck 5 days previously. That’s for a more widespread disaster, in the middle of a war zone, in a Third World country, with few roads, and thousands of kilometres from the countries giving most of the aid.
So, aid got to the middle of the Pacific as fast as it got to No Man's Land, and they actually deployed to help.

The Abraham Lincoln Carrier group was in the Java Sea within 2 days of the earthquake. Air Force resources were moving personnel and material within days as well.

Additional units were in place within a week.

Is the USS Bataan being used yet in No Man's Land? Why did it take until today (over a week) for the USNS Comfort to arrive in No Man's Land?

Unprecedented, my ass. We responded faster to massive flooding and earthquakes on a different continent than we did to a predictable and predicted hurricane and flooding in this country.


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