Monday, September 19, 2005


Th' fine blokes at the CAFAction Center arrrrr protectin' the workin' bloke. Th' President, like a scurvy bilge rat, strung the Davis-Bacon Act up from th' yard-arm:
Instead of embracing good jobs for the recently displaced, President Bush’s first major act in the Gulf Coast recovery effort was to suspend a law that requires federal contractors to pay workers a decent wage.

Please take a moment to demand that this recovery effort put people first – and reject efforts to exploit this tragedy to line the pockets of corporate elites. Please, write your member of Congress and insist that decent family wages and employing the victims of Katrina be the bedrock of the Gulf Coast rebuilding efforts.
You sea-dogs should send a letter to yer congress-critters, since those scurvy bastards will be votin' on this suspension of the law requirin' the government to pay prevailin' wages.

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