Wednesday, September 14, 2005

From the archives

I'm digging through some things I set aside to read later. First up, a Kansas judge throws out obscenity case:
A Kansas judge has dismissed 10 misdemeanor obscenity counts against a Dickinson County adult bookstore, saying the state obscenity law is unconstitutional.

The charges were filed in April after a 29-count indictment against the Lion’s Den was thrown out on a technicality. Earlier this week, Senior Judge Robert Innes said the obscenity law was flawed.

He noted that the state Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that state law forbids the Legislature from declaring a device obscene solely on the basis that it relates to human sexuality.

The law was later changed to address the court’s ruling, but Innes said language remained in the law that allowed the 1990 case to be overturned.
Free speech wins again. Don't like what the store sells? Stay out.

When you get a chance, read through these three summaries of what went wrong in No Man's Land. This is a story that's far from complete, but journalism is history's first draft.

Then enjoy this look at bad science journalism.