Thursday, September 01, 2005

Good editorial

Usually, the KU Kansan's editorials are as mediocre and meaningless as the reporting and writing. This editorial is well-researched, smart, and well-written. America’s reluctance to green light pill indicates distrust:
The condom broke? Forgot your pill? What if a woman was sexually assaulted? What would her options be? Fifty-eight hospitals in Kansas don’t fill the morning after pill prescription, even in cases of sexual assault. Five out of seven Catholic hospitals will not write prescriptions for emergency contraception (E.C.). Wal-Mart will not fill E.C. because of corporate policies. Douglas County Health Clinic and Planned Parenthood both fill the prescription, but are not open on the weekends.

Here at the University, an office fee is applied to appointments at Watkins after 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays and all day Sunday during the school year. Lawrence Memorial Hospital, our only hospital, offers the morning after pill to sexual assault survivors with the exception of a few doctors. These doctors refuse to prescribe it because of “moral issues” or conscious clauses. In all cases, the doctor/pharmacist is judging the integrity of the woman. It is her rights and integrity against the morals of the doctor/pharmacists.

People are presuming that women are irresponsible, and assuming that over-the-counter emergency contraception will open the door for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) to increase is a myth. Over-the-counter E.C. does not devalue our youth’s morals, it does not warrant us to have unhealthy sexual intercourse. These presumptions might be made because some do not understand how emergency contraception works.
It's worth acknowledging Susan Wood, who resigned in protest over the spiking of Plan B. That takes courage.