Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Governor's Race

The Journal World rounds up the names floating for the GOP nominee:
Kris Kobach, a lawyer and former GOP 3rd District congressional candidate, has a poll to test his chances …

Another new name is Air Force Gen. Richard Myers who, as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the top military official in the country and a key leader in planning the war in Iraq. [Senator Brownback is pushing a "Draft Myers" movement.]

And state Sen. Jim Barnett, of Emporia, is considering a run, according to Kansas Republican Party executive director Derrick Sontag.

Former state House speaker Robin Jennison, of Healy, recently announced he will seek the GOP nomination. The current House speaker, Doug Mays, of Topeka, also is running.

State Sen. Derek Schmidt, of Independence, has kept his name in the mix as a possible candidate.

Others who have filed for the campaign are two frequent political candidates, lawyer Dennis Hawver, of Ozawkie, and Richard Rodewald, of Lawrence.
If Myers runs, expect to see a lot more of the images from Abu Ghraib. If Kris Kobach runs, expect this blog to have more fun than anyone has a right to.

The only name in the article that I think might beat Sebelius is Myers. That explains Brownback's interest in seeing him run. If he runs for President, he may leave his Senate seat, and if Sebelius is still governor, she'll appoint a Democrat to his seat. For the first time since dinosaurs walked, a Democrat will represent Kansas in the US Senate.

It's not entirely clear that Myers is a Republican, so this may all be Brownback speaking in tongues.

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