Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lawrence mayor opposes teaching creationism

Mayor: Evolution debate is hurting state:
Add one more voice to the group of people criticizing the Kansas Board of Education’s debate over evolution and intelligent design.

Lawrence Mayor Boog Highberger told members of the Lawrence Rotary Club during a speech Monday at the Hereford House restaurant that he believed the debate was hurting the state.

“Lawrence has this vision thing down,” Highberger said while talking about the community’s vision. “I wish I could say the same thing about our state board of education. I don’t think some of its members understand the national damage they are doing to our reputation.”
I know people will say "Oh, Lawrence is just a bunch of liberal hippies," but it's also a rapidly growing city in a state that isn't growing so fast. It's a high-income, high-education island that is bringing new opportunities and revenue streams to the state.

And, yes, his name is "Boog." Don't ask.

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