Saturday, September 24, 2005


Leadership doesn't consist of skipping an opportunity to pitch in because the photos won't be perfect.

I'm grateful that Rita didn't hit Houston or Galveston. I'm glad that the local officials managed to put together a plan for "contraflow" on the highways, increasing evacuation speed and maybe even preventing a few school buses from catching fire. It's sad that one did, and that so many died, and we can't forget the fact that even a weaker hurricane hitting a less populated area will do plenty of damage.

There are fair questions being asked about why one levee broke again and the other breach repair held. I'm not an engineer, so I can't say whether this is a rumor like the bombing of the levees or a case of the better effort being expended for rich people.

You can still give (or give again) to the Red Cross from the link at the right, or by clicking here. You can give to Habitat for Humanity. Head over to ACORN and help them rebuild their headquarters and continue their work on behalf of the working poor. There are lots of other good charities, but these three will target the major problems, and I'm a believer in efficiencies of scale.

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