Monday, September 12, 2005

Loose lips

Robert Novak thinks he's got The next madame justice:
The belief in legal and political circles is that President Bush will name a conservative woman, and the front-runner is Federal Appellate Judge Priscilla Owen (5th Circuit, Austin, Texas).

According to White House sources, Bush met secretly with Owen last week.
I think that's crap. Not that she met with Bush, but that he'll offer her the job.
Bob Novak's secret sources are telling him things that are meant to be seen as the official word from on high. This meeting is meant to scare people and make whoever actually gets nominated seem pretty nice by contrast.

Don't buy it.

First of all, the current Attorney General described one of her rulings in Texas as "an unconscionable act of judicial activism."
According to the Houston Chronicle, she is "all too willing to bend the law to fit her views, rather than the reverse." The San Antonio Express wrote that "concerns about Owen go to the heart of what makes a good judge."

It's also worth noting that the Judiciary Committee rejected her in 2002, only to have her return in 2005, when she passed.

That she's anti-choice is no surprise. The problem isn't her personal views on abortion, but that she has a habit of inserting her personal views into her practice of law as a judge. The Senate could let that slide for a seat on a conservative court, but no way do they let this slide for a Supreme Court seat.

Expect the filibuster to come out if she actually gets nominated and makes it through the Judiciary Committee.

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