Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Make your choices

Right wing loon John Lott (who argues that more guns lead to less crime and that government spending can be blamed on the women's vote) writes an essay taking A look at the positive side of price-gouging and greed. In the National Review, Jerry Taylor writes Gouge On: A defense of gas profiteering.

Could this have anything to do with Halliburton getting hired to help the reconstruction? Halliburton, the company that overcharged the US government in Iraq?

I'm not so worried about the people who lost everything and grabbed food and bottled water so they didn't die. I'm concerned about the people who are stealing from the American people by the millions, if not billions.

Gas profiteering is a market failure. It's exploitation of inadequate information by the sellers as they hope to scare people into spending too much on gas. It helps no one, and people who do it deserve condemnation, not praise by the leading lights of the conservative movement. It's theft, and the grander the scale, the greater the theft. In a time of crisis, it's looting, like walking away with a TV from every house on the block.

As Instapundit, Neil Boortz, Peggy Noonan, and Mona Charen at TownHall.com like to say, "Shoot the looters."

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