Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The minimum

Scorpio has a point about Poverty:
It turns out that a congressman or senator who is not in a leadership position makes $158,100 per year.

If you divide that by ten [15,810] and divide that by 2080, which is the number of hours in the work year, you get an hourly wage of $7.60.
Pegging the minimum wage to congressional salaries, or at least incorporating a cost-of-living or inflation adjustment seems pretty fair. For those interested, the minimum wage is currently $5.15.

Interesting side note: I keep wanting to type $6.15, because $5.15 seems so low.

Another interesting side note: Kansas is one of only three states with a lower minimum wage than the feds. The others are Ohio and the US Virgin Islands (not actually a state). I assume it's an agriculture thing, anyone know for sure? The state wage only covers those not covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

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