Sunday, September 25, 2005

More from Marksville

Another update from a friend helping out with FEMA in Marksville, Louisiana.

The latest from Marksville is that Rita brought evacuees from all over LA.  Today, during the storm, [my cousin] and his buddies helped a group of elderly who were evacuated from a nursing home to Marksville.  The place they are in is filthy, and the conditions are horrid.  They got water to these people, and petitioned city hall to move them.  Some got moved, but there are still 70 people who suffer from dementia and other frailties of old age who are basically being stored in a filthy, old building without enough caretakers.  As I mentioned earlier, the Red Cross moved out when fema moved in, so there is no one to advocate for these people.  [My cousin] and co did their best today, but must go back to the [Disaster Relief Center] tomorrow. …
[My cousin] met many other workers who evacuated for the day and then went right back to work in New Orleans.  Some of them had been in Afghanistan and Iraq and are heading back there as soon as this work is done.  He says their morale is good.  Amazing. 
No Man's Land is full of acts of heroism, large and small, many of them in response to failures large and small.