Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Popular governor

SUSA polled all 50 states, found that Sebelius is the 16th most popular governor, 59% approve, 34% disapprove.

That's up substantially from where it was last time. Her disapprove is constant, but more people are deciding they like her. When you look at the time series, you see that men went sour on her last month, but came back in force this month, while women have come to favor her consistently over the last couple months.

For the first time since they started tracking in May, Sebelius has 50% approval from Republicans, and her approval among Dems is at a high point also. Independents are splitting the difference at 59%, with only 6% undecided.

Also of interest, for the last two months, a plurality of conservatives approved of her administration (47%:44%). Moderates favor her at 72% (compared to 78% of Dems), a higher rating than she gets from the small number of self-identified liberals (62% approval from 16% of the population).

She has a substantial favorable rating from people who never, occasionally, or frequently attend church and from Eastern Kansas, the Wichita area, and Western Kansas (the three categories SUSA defines).

Even "pro-life" voters have come around, going from -8% to +13% in the last 4 months.

I confess that I'm not sure what happened in that time to make people see her differently. I guess it could be a delayed reaction to the school finance battles, or maybe just reflects the nice things she said about the Pledge of Allegiance (Newsflash: Politician favors Pledge of Allegiance! Film at 11).

I think she'll get re-elected.

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